Kevin Spacey Faces New Sexual Assault Charges in U.K.

LONDON — The authorities in Britain have authorized seven new criminal charges against the actor Kevin Spacey, including three counts of sexual assault, the country’s Crown Prosecution Service announced in a news release on Wednesday.

Rosemary Ainslie, who leads the service’s special crime division, said in the news release that all the charges involved the same complainant and concerned incidents that were alleged to have occurred between 2001 and 2004. She had also authorized a charge against Mr. Spacey of “causing a person to engage in sexual activity without their consent,” the release said.

Before Wednesday’s announcement, Mr. Spacey, 63, was already facing multiple charges of sexual assault in Britain. In July, he appeared in a London courtroom and pleaded not guilty to those charges, which concern three men, and a judge scheduled a trial to begin on June 6, 2023.

It is unclear whether the new charges will be considered as part of that trial. A spokeswoman for the Crown Prosecution Service said by phone that details of the charges would be sent to Mr. Spacey via mail, and that he would have to appear in a London courtroom to respond to them.

Mr. Spacey was a well-known figure in British cultural life throughout the early 2000s. He become the artistic director of the Old Vic theater in London in 2004, and continued in that role until 2015.

The actor’s representatives did not immediately respond on Wednesday to a request for comment about the new charges.

Mr. Spacey, who won Academy Awards for his performances in “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty,” has also faced accusations in the United States. In October, he appeared in a Manhattan courtroom in a civil case in which he was accused of climbing atop the actor Anthony Rapp in 1986, when Mr. Rapp was 14, and making a sexual advances toward him. A federal jury found Mr. Spacey not liable for battery.

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